Prenatal stage

With the aim of contributing toward the foetus’ well-being and reducing stress for patients due to the health of their baby-to-be, at Sistemas Genómicos we carry out genetic studies during the prenatal stage.

Our prenatal genetic screening and diagnosis services study chromosome abnormalities in the foetus, such as aneuploidies, translocations, large-scale rearrangements (inversions, duplications and deletions) associated with known syndroms and genomic disorders.

Specialisation Areas

SG BabyTest

We have the most complete NIPT (Prenatal Screening) on the market, which uses paired-end NGS technology

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Prenatal Genetic Diagnosis

Conventional and molecular cytogenics, prenatal array and microarray

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We can help

  • High-quality reproductive genetics diagnosis. We provide integrated solutions that contribute towards precision diagnosis and help to reduce stress for your patient.
  • Reproductive genetics consulting. Advice on the best study and diagnosis technique for your patient, as well as the best option for reproduction.
  • Cutting-edge cytogenics. We are experts in applying and combining cutting-edge genetic techniques applied to diagnosis.
  • Genetic Clinical Consulting for Professionals. We bring together genetic and medical criteria to help you before, during and after the genetic study on your patient.

Work flow

Biological material and recommended work week

Anomalies from ultrasound scans, biochemical screening in the first trimester with a medium or high risk or NIPT with the detection of an aneuploidy or a non-conclusive result. Also for the remains from miscarriages.



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Personalised Services

We provide personalised analytical solutions for our specialisation areas.