Sistemas Genómicos

Leader in Spain, Global Reference

Sistemas Genómicos is the first major Spanish firm to specialise in genetic sequencing with almost two decades of experience in the field of molecular biology and genetics, with specialisation in techniques aimed at the fields of healthcare, food and agriculture and research.

We are the only laboratory on an international level that is certified to provide genetic analysis and diagnosis services during the entire human life cycle, working from gametes to embryos in the prenatal section, then from postnatal right up to death.

The drive of our interdisciplinary team of over 100 professionals along with our passion for technology and big data is what allows Sistemas Genómicos to develop tailor-made integrated solution. These are aimed at predictions, prevention and the optimisation of early diagnosis and personalised medicine.

The company envisages knowledge management as the base for innovation and the development of the organisation and the genomic sector. In fact, in recent years, 10% of our profits have been invested in R+D+i. In the same vein, for Sistemas Genómicos, the creation and transfer of knowledge and the development of the scientific-medical connection are two essential aspects to continue progressing in personalised diagnoses and treatments.

Sistemas Genómicos has a broad background in cutting-edge research and studies. Furthermore, we actively collaborate on numerous national and international R+D+i projects with the aim of making the latest advances in genomics and genetics available to society and the medical and research communities.

Sistemas Genómicos is the genomics and genetics division of the Grupo Synlab, a biomedical group with over 40 years of experience in precision diagnosis using specialisation and bringing together two cutting-edge areas: diagnostic imaging and genetic diagnosis.  Fields in which the biomedical group is a leader in Spain and an international reference.

Sistemas Genómicos is an organization committed to equal opportunities and gender equity and, in compliance with the 3/2007 Spanish law, the organization encourages its suppliers and customers to join this commitment.

Sistemas Genómicos, the first Spanish company and one of the first in Europe to specialise in genetic sequencing, was created in 1998 as a spin-off of

Just two years after starting up, the company made history by participating the first ever DNA sequencing of a plant organism: the Arabidopsis thaliana. Five years later, the company went on to participate in the International Tomato Sequencing Project, the most important genome sequencing project carried out in Spain.

Sistemas Genómicos continues to widen its range of activity in the food and agriculture sector, specialising in the analysis of genetically modified food, focussed on ensuring compliance with the legal framework and the genetic authentication of food. This is how the company came to be the first laboratory in Spain working in this field, remaining in top position globally up until today.

With a strong commitment to progress and research, the company opened its biomedical division in 2003 and focuses its studies on diagnosing genetic diseases and applying this to reproductive medicine, all with the strictest ethical standard on an international level.

The track record of Sistemas Genómicos has been shaped by translational innovation and investment in the best technology for techniques such as large-scale DNA sequencing and massive sequencing.

In 2009, the Sistemas Genómicos project was reinvented as a result of new strategic planning, making way for omics technology and marking a new era for the company.

Based on this revolution, Sistemas Genómicos has been developing its biomedical division, covering the entire human life cycle and always opting for cutting-edge technology. In this respect, Sistemas Genómicos was a pioneer in the implementation of omics technology in biomedicine for the early diagnosis and treatment of various diseases.

Meanwhile, Sistemas Genómicos integrates big data into diagnostics and research, creating a pioneering multidisciplinary bioinformatics team. A transversal division that has been incorporating the activity that it develops since then. One of the first milestones came in 2014 with the development and launch of GeneSystems, a platform for viewing and analysing genetic data, which we developed ourselves, registered with CE marking as a healthcare project.

In this new era, Sistemas Genómicos is part of various national and international R+D+i consortia, including F7 and H2020 calls. In this respect, Sistemas Genómicos works on many collaborative projects.

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